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Thailand is a solid, long-term destination for foreign investment in many sectors. Despite recent economic headwinds, Thailand’s foreign business-friendly environment, good infrastructure, and educated labor pool make it attractive for foreign companies of any size. ** Good choice for a variety of businesses**

(+) Large, educated, and expanding middle class

(+) Good infrastructure with global connections

(+) Low taxes with special privileges for American companies

(-) Potential for short term political instability

(-) Recent negative macroeconomic growth

(-) Lack of widespread English language capability


-#1 foreign country to start a business (US News and World Report 2020 Survey)

-Average manufacturing wages 50% less than China

-High quality health care and international schools

-Ranked #21 on Ease of Doing Business index, with a top three score for protection of minority investors

“When I speak to these companies about why they chose is because of the safe, reliable, and secure nature of manufacturing in Thailand while also being competitive with other locations in Asia in the cost of land, labor, and living.

Country Facts:


69.4 million, 70% of the population is working age


Government encouraged, but lacks transparency; incentives are available, but must be negotiated


$501.79 billion USD, (2nd largest economy in SE Asia)

GNI per capita:

$7,050 USD, -0.85% Inflation, upper middle-income country


Manufacturing (automobiles, electronics), tourism, financial services, agriculture (rice, rubber, fisheries)


#4 Country in the world for tourism revenue, #9 most visited country in the world (UN Report)




49.3 M

$7.1K USD


41% NYC Prices

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Ease of Doing Business

Corruption Perceptions Index

Human Capital Index

Working Age Population

GDP Per Capita

English Language Capabilities

Cost of Living Plus Rent Index




49.3 M

$8.3K USD


41% NYC Prices

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Per capita expenditure:

$3,314 USD

Internet penetration:

79% (Southeast Asia 63%)

Shop online:


Mobile ownership:


Primary messaging:

Line messaging app

Primary website:


Average Labor:

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Opening a Business:

Relevant Laws:

Foreign Business Act of 1999, Treaty of Amity and Commerce (US investors)

Time to Incorporate:

6 days to incorporate, 3-6 months for all additional tasks

Fees to Incorporate:

$170 USD per $32,000 USD of registered capital for a private company, $30 USD per $32,000 USD for a public company

Paid in Capital:

Minimum $64,000 USD or $96,000 USD, depending on the company type

Remittance Taxes:

There are no taxes for remitting profits if the money is sent to the US or one of the 61 countries country with a double taxation treaty


Multiple sectors closed to foreigners, including accounting, legal services, architecture, fishing, mining, rice cultivation, and timber


Successive recent governments have made it easier for foreigners to invest in Thailand

BBA Services:

BBA has multiple staff resident in Bangkok, plus several Thai experts living in the United States. We can assist companies across multiple sectors in Thailand.